Purchasing a new home is an exciting time. We want to be a part of your journey from the moment you walk through our door to the second you are at the closing table. If you are already in a home and are thinking about refinancing, we can help with that too.

 We have multiple resources to help you find the loan that best fits your family’s needs. We are experts in helping families across Louisiana.



We want to talk to you! Call our office or complete a short online application. One of our loan officers will contact you to discuss your goals and find out exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, we will review your application and credit check in order to advise you on what you qualify for.

Call our office: (225) 218-4421

Complete an online form.



We will need to complete income and asset documentation in order to confirm your preapproval. We will send you a list of documents needed for your loan. The list will include items such as W2’s, paystubs, employment history and bank statements. After we receive and review this documentation, we will issue a preapproval letter. A preapproval letter is issued for all purchase loans. A preapproval letter is not required for refinances.

The preapproval letter will provide purchasing power. It allows your real estate agent to make a firm, confident offer to the seller/builder. And it ensures the seller/builder that you are strong buyer. Having a preapproval letter to submit with your offer is highly recommended to get you one step closer to your dream home.



At this time, your loan will be submitted to underwriting and approved with conditions. Conditions are small items that the underwriter will need addressed prior to closing on your loan. You will work directly with your loan officer to get these items resolved. This is the part of the loan process where an appraisal is ordered by Highcrest Home Lending. We will get this done as fast as possible to not cause any delays.  

Once the loan conditions have been satisfied and our underwriter issues a final approval, your loan will be ready for closing.  



Closing on your loan is the last step of the process. You will sign final loan documentation with a closing attorney. We work directly with the closing attorney to make sure that you get to the closing table on time and happy.  

Highcrest Home Lending believes that your entire loan experience should be a great one, not a stressful one.